Infection Control: Risk Management Principles for Dentistry

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Dr Dominic Aouad - Moderator

A general dentist and partner at his own dental practice in Sydney, Dominic has served with the Dental Council of NSW, currently serves on various ADA committees in addition to his role as the Chair of the Sydney Dental Discussion Group. He is also the co-founder of Dental Compliance Australia.

Dr Kate Amos - ADA Infection Control Committee

Kate is a general dentist in a private group practice on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. Kate has a Masters in Health Professional Education and has been part of the ADA Infection Control Committee responsible for putting together the Risk Management Principles for Safe Dental Practice during Covid-19.

Emeritus Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO - ADA Infection Control Committee Chair

Laurie is a specialist in special needs dentistry who holds a personal chair in Dental Science at the University of Queensland. Laurie is the chair of the ADA’s Infection Control Committee, and is the editor of the second, third and fourth editions of the ADA  Guidelines for Infection Control and the 2015 Practical Guide to Infection Control. Laurie has served as an infection control consultant to a range of government and private sector organisations.

Dr Heidi Munchenberg - ADA Infection Control Committee

Heidi is a general dentist who has worked as a general dentist in a variety of settings within both public and private settings. She is currently full time with SA Dental as a Clinical Director with responsibility for the SA Dental Infection Control and Staff Health Unit and Adelaide Dental Hospital Central Sterilising Department. Heidi is also the COVID-19 lead for SA Dental during this pandemic. Heidi completed a Graduate Certificate in Infection Prevention and Control in 2020 and is currently studying a Masters in Public Health.