HR Update: End of year wrap on major changes. Get ready for 2023!

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Dr Dominic Aouad - Moderator.

A general dentist and partner at his own dental practice in Sydney, Dominic has served with the Dental Council of NSW, currently serves on various ADA committees in addition to his role as the Chair of the Sydney Dental Discussion Group where he pursues interests in corporate governance, social responsibility, policy and regulation. 

Dominic is also co-founder of Dental Compliance Australia, that has a focus on improving dental practitioner compliance and patient outcomes.

Mr Wes O'Donnell - ADA HR Assured

A highly experienced Workplace Relations Consultant and solicitor with more than 10 years’ experience in senior roles in Sydney and London, Mr Wes O’Donnell has a long history leading HR Assured’s advice service for industry associations and franchise networks. Utilising a combination of strong working relationships with association leaders, insights gleamed from trends in advisory data, and a deep understanding of industry drivers, Wes adeptly delivers the best possible value to members in managing their people and meeting best-practice standards.